Myanmar - Interesting things to do & things to avoid

Myanmar - things to do and photos

With a tourist industry still in its infancy, Myanmar seemed like the perfect destination for a well-worn traveler like me, bored to death of the typical South East Asia sightseer trail. After a few weeks of planning, I set off for this promised land with thoughts of natural scenery, Buddhist temples and historical relics dancing around my head.

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The Mosta Dome, Malta

Review and Pictures of the Mosta Dome

As one of the largest unsupported domes in the world, not only is the architecture impressive but the history of the Mosta Dome is as well. While deflecting multiple bombs from the Germans and falling prey to one that miraculously never exploded, this church saved the lives of the thousands of people taking refuge in it. Understanding its story, I knew I couldn’t leave Malta without visiting the site where this miracle occurred. Here is a look at how I explored this wonder piece by piece.

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Exploring Trieste, Italy

The Only Way Is cruising - Trieste Italy

Rome, Florence, Venice - I had visited them all before and on this trip to Italy I wanted something different. This northeastern town was said to be quaint and laid back compared to some Italy’s most famous cities so I couldn’t wait to see it for myself. Here is my trip to Trieste. I hope you find yourself inspired to explore some Italy’s lesser known destinations too.

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Why You Should Visit Barcelona, Spain

Home to over half a million people, Barcelona is the second largest city in Spain and the capital of the region of Catalonia. It is located directly on the Mediterranean Sea and has a constant influx of tourists coming to relax on its beaches and experience its city life. Becoming increasingly more modern since it held the Olympics in 1992, the city is still full of old-town walking streets, open markets and restaurants serving up traditional dishes. Besides a rich history and beach-town vibes, these are just a few more reasons why you should consider vacationing in Barcelona.

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4 Reasons why the Corinth Canal is a must-see for history lovers

Corinth Canal Pictures

Located in the Aegean Sea, the Corinth Canal connects the Saronic Gulf and the Gulf of Corinth. Many rulers dreamed of cutting a passageway through Isthmus of Corinth, which formed a land bridge between mainland Greece and the Peloponnese peninsula. With construction beginning in 1881, it was finally completed in 1893. Due to its narrowness, frequent landslides and navigational issues, the canal has ceased to be used except for purposes of tourism. Despite its shortcomings and ultimate failure, the canal has an important history and makes a fantastic place for visitors interested in learning.

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A Trip To Marsaxlokk, Malta

Marsaxlokk - a review and pictures

After backpacking through Europe for 6 weeks, I was growing weary of long lines and crowded tourist attractions. I was also beginning to think that although I was seeing famous landmarks like the Eiffel Tower and The Colosseum, I was missing out on actual local life. In a desperate search through my guidebook, I stumbled upon Marsaxlokk, Malta, a sleepy fishing village, largely untouched by modernisation.

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Visiting Shanghai, China

Why you should visit Shanghai

Home to over 23 million people, Shanghai is China’s largest and most metropolitan city. During the 1930s, Shanghai was considered to be the biggest and most bustling city of the Eastern side of the world. The population is made up of over 9 million expats and the city is shared by thousands of tourists at any given time. With culture, modernity and an innovative demeanour, Shanghai has been at the top of China travel lists for years. People come from all over the world to visit Shanghai - here’s why.

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A Trip To Venice, Italy

Visit Venice

A last minute decision led me to Venice while touring through Europe. I don’t know what changed my mind but instead of traveling to Naples, I rerouted to a city I didn’t really know too much about. Lucky for me, Venice turned out to be one of the most gorgeous and uniquely interesting places that I ended up in over my entire two months of European travel. From its watery views to maze-like alleyways, Venice was a true discovery that I encourage everyone to make!

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